Fun, Interactive and Creative Maths Workshops

Professor Brainwave holding a tetrahedron with pupils
Fun and engagin maths workshops
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Success from creative team work
Pupils working together to build a cube
Working together to solve problems

Maths Workshops for Primary Schools

Brainwave Education offers fun and interactive maths workshops for primary schools across the UK. Within our workshops we use carefully designed balls and rods which allow children to create large 2D and 3D shapes from a basic cube to octahedrons and even an icosahedron (20 sided polyhedron). Using this equipment allows children to visualise and explore maths in away that is not normally possible. By using shapes we can explore their properties, area, volume, fractions, measurements (standard and non standard) and arithmetic.

The workshops engage children in maths within a fun and "safe" environment. A range of problem solving games are used where wrong answers are required to take the next step to the solution. Knowing that we will need to make mistakes to learn creates a "safe" environment for children to let their imagination take the lead and not be afraid of getting it wrong. Our Ethos is there are no wrong answers, only pathways of learning.

My aim is to bring maths alive in a fun, interactive and creative way for KS1 and KS2 primary school children at an affordable rate for schools across the UK. I offer a 100% money back guarantee and price match promise to help make these fun workshops available to all.

Hands on activities

The workshops encourage team work and offer hands on activities for all that attend. Feedback from teachers has emphasised the importance that all children are involved and have an input. We can achieve this with small and large groups to cater for primary schools that are one-form entry to four-form entry schools. You can book 1 hour sessions to a full day (or over a number of days) working with the whole school. You can view a "typical timetable" on the maths workshops page.

"Very engaging, though provoking and interactive. The way the challenges were presented made you WANT to investigate the problem. I liked the involvement of everyone in all the challenges and the physical activates engaged the children."
Lucy Thompson, Teacher

Promise to you

My promise to you is to offer fun, engaging and educational workshops at an affordable price. My pricing policy has been designed to be clear with no hidden costs. Every aspect of pricing has been looked at from travel to accommodation to keep it as low as possible and for peace of mind I offer a 100% money back guarantee and a price match policy. I can work with school's on an individual basis and adapt workshops to your school's specific mathematical needs. Feel free to contact me to discuss your schools needs.

Thank you so much for last Thursday. It was absolutely brilliant. Every teacher said how much their classes enjoyed the sessions. I would love to invite you back sometime soon. Please know that as far as we are concerned, the whole day was a great success!
Usmaa Kaleem, Y6 teacher, Maths Lead

Latest News

October 2018

Apply now for the 2018 maths E&E grant scheme.

Grants of £500 are offered for schools to experience a maths activity selected from the STEM Directory. This scheme is generously supported by the Clothworkers’ Foundation. Application deadline: 12 October 2018 Visit the Royal Institue for more information.